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Rustic Dining Room
Beams, Columns & Fireplace Mantles

Ever wanted the classic farmhouse look? Our rustic beams, fireplace mantles & columns will add the farmhouse look to any home!

Our beams have a hollow center. We miter the joints then hand cut and carve each one. We don't stop at just creating a "box". We distress each one which will make it indistinguishable from a real beam. 


A more affordable option

Our beams & fireplace mantles are made from pine. They are jointed, glued and nailed together. They are then distressed and stained. The pieces are light which makes installation simple. This is a more affordable option than than trying to purchase and install a solid reclaimed beam. 

Our columns are made from MDF. This gives it a very smooth finish at a fraction of the cost of wood. 

The right color at your fingertips
We can stain, paint or finish the beams, columns & mantles in any color you like! Or we can match it to your existing trim color. 


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