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How long does it take to replace doors? 

We can replace 5-8 slab doors in a day. We can replace 2-3 prehung doors in a day. 

Slab Doors or Prehung Doors? 

Generally speaking slab doors are the best and most affordable option. We always recommend slab doors over prehung doors as long as the old door frame is in good condition. If the door frame is in good condition we can rout the hinges, bore the door handle & install the new door onto your old frame. After we paint both the door and frame, they will match perfectly and you will never know the difference! This option saves you money on labor and the materials. It all cuts down on construction debris and mess. 

But if your door frames aren't in great condition, we recommend installing prehund doors. 

How long does it take to replace and install trim? 
This depends on a per customer basis and what trim needs installed. Standard baseboard and door trim can be installed in a single day. Other trim such as wainscotting will take multiple days to install depending on the size

Can you tell me a little about the stair tread installation process? 
Absolutely! There are two types of materials we use. Pine & Oak. We recommend oak if the stair treads will be subject to heavy traffic with shoes. Otherwise pine stair treads are recommended. 

Each stair tread & riser is measured individually and cut. Though they are close in size, each one is a little different. After we cut all the treads and risers we take them back to our shop where we apply the stain and flooring sealer. This is so that you'll be able to use the staircase while the treads and risers dry. After they dry we bring everything back to install. They look amazing and won't wear out like carpet! 

We never install vinyl plank or other flooring products onto a stair case. This is generally the cheapest method and easiest method. Normally these installs not only look bad, but can fail over time. We only use solid pine or oak. 

Be sure to give Back To New Home Solutions a call or email. We would be glad to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a hassle free no obligation quote! 


When it comes to hiring a finish carpenter choosing the right material & finish is just as important as choosing a quality installer. We provide all of our clients with with a complete list of options, styles & finishes then let them select which option is best for them. Whether you need a more budget friendly MDF trim or a the more expensive solid oak trim, we help select which options are best for your home and your budget. We offer a wide range of finish carpentry - baseboard, door casing, wainscoting, doors, stair treads, shiplap & so much more! 


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