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High Quality Epoxy Countertops

Epoxy is affordable and one of the most durable surfaces available! It's cheaper than a new laminate countertop but harder than stone. We are able to create very simple one color designs to advanced designs that mimic marble at a fraction of the cost. The options are endless. Our products have zero VOC's and is FDA approved for food safety. 

We have color samples available that we can bring right to your home. If you're also looking for a backsplash we have samples we can bring with our epoxy. Don't see a sample you like below? No problem, let us create a custom sample just for you. 

We go right over your existing countertop. If you're in a new construction home or a home without a countertop no problem! We can custom fabricate a countertop out of MDF, install it, then pour epoxy right over top. 

Epoxy Countertops - Ballistix



  • Very durable surface

  • Looks great


  • High initial cost

  • Chips or cracks not repairable

  • Will need sealed yearly to prevent stains

  • Builder grade stone usually goes out of style fairly quick.  

  • Changing out the stone for a different look will cost thousands down the road. 

New for 2023: We now topcoat each epoxy countertop with Ballistix - One of the most durable finishes on the market! This will create a tough scratch proof surface for years to come. 

Available with a super high gloss finish or a satin sheen. 

Epoxy Countertops


  • Very durable surface

  • Looks like real high end marble or granite

  • Low cost

  • Heat resistant

  • Scratch Resistant

  • Impact Resistant

  • Non-porous & completely seamless

  • high gloss or satin finish

  • Design options are limitless

  • Can make epoxy look like high end granite for pennies on the dollar

  • Can incorporate LED veins which you can not do with granite

  • Can add a rock face edge

  • Sealed with Ballistix, no yearly sealing required

  • As styles change we can re-coat over the epoxy down the road if desired

  • Reparable - damage can generally be repaired

  • Water is repelled, it never soaks in. Easy clean with soap and water. 


  • We generally apply Ballistix sealer 1 week after the epoxy is poured to allow the epoxy to cure. During this time only light use is recommended on the countertop. 

Epoxy Samples Available For In Home Viewing

New in home samples are currently being manufactured. We plan to release 20+ of these mid February 2023. Please contact us if you would like us to provide you with a free in person quote and a custom made sample

Epoxy Photo Gallery
White Epoxy Countertop
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