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Painting & Staining

Back To New Home Solutions offers an extensive list of painting & staining options. We use high quality commercial grade satin and semi gloss paints that will stand up to the smallest fingerprint to the largest scrapes and scratches. We offer interior room painting, trim & door. For exterior we offer an array of staining services including decks, fences & swing sets.

Interior Painting - Rittman Ohio

Back To New Home Solutions

Our process is simple! We look over each and fill in any holes, bumps, scrapes, etc. Then we sand the areas needed to get a smooth surface. If you have white trim we caulk along the top of any baseboard or any other trim. This allows you to have a seamless look.  We then apply 2 coats of paint. 

What type of paint do you use?

We generally like to use a satin sheen for the walls. Satin will allow the walls to bounce back the light resulting in a brighter room. Plus you'll get the durability of a semi gloss finish. For trim & doors we always recommend a semi gloss. 

Choosing the color made simple!
We have color swatches we will bring right to your home! There is no need to go back and forth to the store trying to see which color will look best. We have hundreds of color swatches on hand that'll allow you to see which color best suits your need

Best of all if you're purchasing multiple items from us such as an epoxy countertop or luxury vinyl plank flooring we can bring all the samples to your home and we can help you choose what colors look best!


Image by Nazrin Babashova

Perfect flawless finish 
For most of our walls we use an 18" roller. This will allow us to get the job done not only faster, but with no roller marks. 

We always spray our doors. This will leave you with a smooth perfect finish. 

Decks, Fences & Swing Sets
We always clean and soft wash the surface. We will apply the stain with a combination of brushes, rollers or with a sprayer. For decks we generally prefer using brushes and a roller. For larger areas such as fences we use a sprayer. 

Back To New Home Solutions can paint or stain just about anything! If you don't see something listed, please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email. We would love to hear from you! 



We'd love to hear from you

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