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Kitchen Backsplashes

Back To New Home Solutions offers great affordable backsplashes! We offer anything from subway tile to mosaic tile backsplashes. These pair perfectly with on of our custom epoxy countertops. Be sure to ask us about our discounted rate when purchasing two or more of our products or services. Our favorite backsplashes are the simple 3" x  6" ceramic subway tile from Satori or the marble subway tiles from Elida Ceramica. They come in a variety of colors & sizes. They add a true high end look to any home. Or if you prefer something a little more trendy we can install any mosaic tile

Subway Tile Backsplash - Northeast Ohio

A real kitchen backsplash!

Let's face it, the small 3" tall standard backsplash that comes with every kitchen countertop does very little. Water and food seem to make it on the wall above this small backsplash all the time. That's because the purpose of this backsplash is to cover the seam between the countertop and wall. It's merely decorative only. It's not meant to keep food or water from splashing on the wall. 

Let Back To New Home Solutions install a brand new full backsplash. They're very easy to keep clean since food and water can't stick to tile. No more scrubbing off the paint trying to get the food or water spots off! We offer anything from cost effective subway tile to mosaic tile to marble and stone! 

A new backsplash will pair really well with one of our custom designed epoxy countertops! 

Back To New Home Solutions
We can bring your entire kitchen back to new! From our epoxy countertops to our backsplashes. From our interior painting to our flooring. Let Back To New Home Solutions give you the kitchen you need at the absolute more affordable option available. Don't tear it out and replace it, let Back To New Home Solutions restore it! 


Prices For Any Budget
Backsplashes is one of the most cost effect home improvement options available. They look great and serve a practical function. They are simple easy to clean and keep food off the walls. 

We offer cheaper subway tiles to more expensive glass and marble mosaic tiles. Both look great and serve the same function!  

Give us a call today to discuss all our options!


Mosaic Tile Backsplash - Rittman Ohio


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