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Pressure Washer on Stairs
Backyard Washing
Pressure Washing & Sealing

Back To New Home Solutions now offers a full soft washing service. We don't use high pressure to get the dirt and algae off your home. We use a soap solution that immediately kills the algae and washes away the dirt. We also offer a concrete cleaning and sealing service.

We use our surface cleaner to bring your concrete Back To New. Then we seal it with a commercial grade industrial sealer. Water will bead off the concrete for years to come! 

Soft Washing - Rittman Ohio

Why no pressure? 

It's simple! We do use a pressure washer to soft wash your home. This allows us to reach the entire house from the ground. But we wash with highly concentrated soap that kills all algae on contact then gently rinses it away with a low pressure tip. We allow the soap solution to do all the work for us, then we lightly rinse the residue away. 

Using full pressure on siding will damage it. It'll risk scaring the siding or worse cracking it. 

Do you bring your own water? 

We don't bring our own water. No soft washing company does. Some bring a buffer tank full of water. But a hookup to your water is still needed. 

Sealing Done Right
We use our commercial grade surface cleaner to deep clean your concrete. We make all the black streaks disappear and the concrete look like new! We then seal with a commercial grade sealer. 

The sealer will soak into the concrete causing water to bead off the surface for years to come

This will prolong the life of your concrete. Water will not be able to penetrate the surface and freeze. 


Back To New Home Solutions
Whether you need your home pressure washed or your driveway sealed give us a call to go over all your options!

Our pressure washing service is very affordable and we will gladly beat any reputable companies price! 

Let us bring the exterior of your home Back To New! 


Pressure Washing Surface Cleaner - Northeast Ohio


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