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Everything on our farmhouse tables are made of hand crafted solid wood. Our table tops are reinforced with steel channel and attached with clips. This will add strenght and allow the table top to remain flat for years to come! 


Choose from 3 different leg styles and we offer this table in a variety of sizes. We can even custom make one to your exact specifications if desired. Our standard size tables are 72" long x 38" wide. Please contact us for different size table prices. 


    Do you offer Delivery? 

    Yes we do, please contact us for a price. Delivery range is up to 45 minutes from Rittman, Ohio


    Do you offer Shipping? 

    Our dining room tables are available for pickup for delivery only. All of our other products are avalable for shiping, but the tables are to large to ship. 


    Estimated time to build? 

    We currently estimate 2-3 weeks from start to finish. The time frame can vary depending on our bookings. Each one is custom built, we work closely with our clients to ensure each detail is met and every color is selected so it looks amazing in your home! 


    Payment Options

    We require a 40% downpayment. This will allow us to put you on our schedule and order materials. Payment can be made in person at our shop or over the phone.

    Farmhouse Dining Room Tables

    $849.00 Regular Price
    $749.00Sale Price
    • Why purchase your table from Back To New Home Solutions?

      We are a company that will stand behind our products. We understand there are many individuals selling similar tables. 


      What sets ours apart?

      • Our tables are reinforced with steel. Something others simple don't do since it requires more experience
      • Our table tops are held on with steel clips. This will allow the table top to exand and contract. Others use screws
      • All knots are filled in and each piece of lumber is planed smooth
      • We use hiden fasterns, you'll never see a screw head or nail in anything we build.
      • We offer 3 different turned leg styles and we can even custom make a different type of table if desired
      • We offer ours in a variety of sizes. 
      • We use 3 coats of polycrilic sealer
      • We offer your choice of color
      • Don't see a table you like and you want something custom built? No problem, send us a photo and we will provide you with a quote! 
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